Residancy Programs

Besides our regular courses at our studios, we also offer short multi-day ceramics workshops and residency programs for groups at our pop-up studio located 30 km ahead of Rishikesh at Atali Ganga, as well as at our summer camp at Camp Bagi. We've coined this residency program "Ceramics in the Garhwal Himalaya".

These multi-day programs primarily focus on honing ceramics and pottery skills, while also offering participants a well-rounded outdoor experience that includes various outdoor and adventure activities of different intensities. Additionally, participants can indulge in simple yet unique cultural experiences.

Each group has the flexibility to tailor their agenda by choosing activities from our diverse menu to align with their specific trip objectives. This program is exclusively designed for groups, including closed user groups such as school or college groups, corporate groups, family and friends, and any other group interested in joining our open workshops.


School Groups

An exhilarating blend of learning, exploration, and hands-on fun in the lap of scenic beauty! Our program offers students a unique opportunity to connect with nature, unleash their creativity through pottery, and engage in a myriad of thrilling outdoor adventures! The program's duration and curriculum can be tailored to align with the unique objectives of the school we are designing the program. 


Corporate Groups

Clay is a wonderful way to bond with people. Combine that with the outdoors & you have a winning combination for creating a special experience for any group of people. "Ceramics in The Garhwal Himalaya" is, therefore, the perfect outing for any group - be it a corporate group, a group of friends or family celebrating a special event, or a group of tourists. We can customize the activities and number of days as per the requirements of the group.

Open Groups

These programs are structured around the topic of ceramics and range from 2 to 5 days. Materials, accommodation, ceramics instruction, and food are usually included in the cost of these programs and most of these programs are open to anyone interested in ceramics and do not require much prior experience with ceramics.