Our aesthetic is simple and modern and draws inspiration from Japanese ceramics, Scandinavian design, Indian traditional pottery and even shows various European influences. We don't claim to have a particular 'look' but believe in producing pieces that bring enjoyment- whether they are for visual appeal or for utility.

Each piece we make is a reflection of who we are - a small business with a fairly unique genesis. Our aesthetic is typically "clean" - our lines are simple, our colours solid and our aim is

to make beautiful pieces that bring joy to the simple everyday moments of life like drinking coffee, serving your favourite salad or entertaining your closest friends on an "everyday" evening where the joy of togetherness is the only occasion.

We work hard at product design, focusing on structure, convenience and practicality as much as on beauty and aesthetics. We do aim to be original - specifically with our glazes, so our glazes are a result of many rounds of frustrating and exhilarating experimentation.